2023 State of the Region Recap

This year’s State of the Region was an incredible overview of where we are socially and economically within the Niagara region. We were thrilled at the opportunity to partner with our colleagues at the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce – huge thanks to the team at GNCC for their efforts, organization, and generous partnership on this event!

Chair Jim Bradley led an informative and energized session and reminded us that – even though we are at the mercy of countless geo-political influences, the whims of senior levels of government, climate change and shifting trends on everything from social justice to where and how we work – Niagara has a truly unique opportunity. For the first time in a long while our community is coalescing around a small, focused set of issues that we all want to tackle together. And this is an opportunity to make meaningful change for the entire community.

Chair Bradley transparently addressed the Region’s Budget, provided an economic update and took a look into the future of our region, stating that progress has been made on the priorities that were set last year.

Some highlight’s from his address included:
– Chair Bradley’s public announcement that the Regional Council, working closely with the Chief Administrative Officer, has approved the creation of an Office of Attainable Housing.

– For the first time in the Region’s 53-year history, we are putting dedicated resources behind an initiative that is solely focused on finding ways to make local government in Niagara more efficient, lean and effective.

– The region’s funding for homeless programs has received an 86% increase now totalling over $20 million; which will help shore up homelessness programs across the region and support those who need it most.

If you are interested in reading Chair Bradley’s full address and learn more about the six winners of the 2023 Niagara Impact Awards, click here.

View the 2023 State of the Region Address Transcript here.

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