Federal Government Engagement on Labour Stability on Canada’s West Coast

On behalf of the Canadian business community we share today a letter expressing concern over the potential for a labour disruption that would affect ports in British Columbia.

The letter – signed by over 120 associations, chambers of commerce and boards of trade – requests the government’s active engagement with this bargaining process and that it be prepared to act to prevent a labour disruption. It is imperative that the federal government work with the parties to secure an affordable, stable, and efficient supply chain.

We recognize that stability in supply chains is vital for Canadian businesses and citizens alike. Uninterrupted access to goods and services is essential for businesses to thrive, meet consumer demands, and foster economic growth. Any disruption in the supply chain can lead to delays, increased costs, and negative impacts on productivity.

Through our advocacy efforts, we aim to safeguard the interests of our business community and contribute to the overall economic prosperity of the country. By actively engaging with the government, we seek to ensure that policies and measures are in place to address potential challenges and maintain a favourable business environment.

The potential upcoming labour disruption in British Columbia could have a drastic impact on the supply chain, impacting businesses right here in Grimsby. Our colleagues at the Canadian Chamber are coordinating efforts to urge the government to take immediate action to keep the supply chain stable, and the Grimsby Chamber is happy to support these efforts as a signatory to the communication directed to the Federal Government. By actively participating in discussions, voicing concerns, and urging government intervention, we help to protect the interests of businesses, and through these collaborative efforts, we create an environment conducive to business growth and economic prosperity for all Canadians.

Read the full Letter here.

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