Grimsby’s Got It Santa Claus Parade Float: We Need Your Help!

We are helping put a smile on the faces of hundreds of little Grimsbonians and we need your help! The Grimsby’s Got It campaign will have a float in the Santa Claus parade on December 4. Your sweat equity and/or in-kind/financial donations will help make it happen!

Anything YOU can offer, no matter how big or small, will help.

  • Sweat Equity! Volunteers from 6 – 8 PM on either Wed, Dec 1 or Fri, Dec 3 to construct and decorate the float.
    • Specifically, we need folks with carpentry, painting, and decorating skills. If you can cut plywood, construct the float structures, paint signs and displays, and/or decorate 6-foot trees with Christmas lights – we’re talking to you!
    • If you have a skill-saw, jigsaw, hammer and nails, staple gun and ½” staples, or paint brushes, felt markers, pencils, and measuring tapes, please bring them along.
    • Everything we construct has to stand up to any kind of weather…we never know what mother nature will bring.
  • Volunteers! 6 mature individuals for parade day (4 – 7 PM) to walk alongside the float carrying 2’x3’ coroplast signs (very light) promoting shopping local and Grimsby’s Got It.
  • Volunteers for 2 hours on Sun, Dec 5 to dismantle the float and disburse/distribute the float structure and decorations.
  • Location, location, location! We need a space to prepare the 20’ float. If you have a warehouse, garage, or barn with power and some space to construct the float structures, please consider volunteering your space from Dec 1 in the morning until the afternoon of parade day (Dec 4).
  • Vehicle! A large pick-up truck with a hitch to tow the float.  Must have a 2-5/16” ball and an electrical plug (standard 7 pin – RV type, electric brakes).
  • Materials! For decorating the float:
    • 35 strings of green Christmas tree lights
    • 15 strings of warm white Christmas tree lights
    • 4 white flood lights
    • Outdoor extension cords (lots)
    • 7 trees stands for live 6’ trees (need to be sturdy)
    • Rope for use as guy wires to support the trees
    • Green outdoor carpeting or Astro turf, used is fine; will be returned to you
    • White or green vinyl skirting
    • 4 x 6’ wooden poles
    • 6 x 4/8 plywood sheets (3/8” or more)
    • Outdoor paint: green, white, and black

**If you don’t have these items and wish to make a donation of $25+ we will purchase the items needed locally. We plan to give any purchased items a second life and donate them to local charitable or non-profit organizations.

  • Music!
    • 2 powerful amps or speakers
    • A recording device to play the holiday music

If you can help, please email or leave a phone message at (905) 945-8319.

Heartfelt thanks to residents and businesses alike for helping, and for continuing to promote the message to Shop Where Your Is – Grimsby.

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