Member Referral Program 2024/2025

Champion our community!

Be part of expanding our Chamber community and take advantage of our Member Referral program!

We believe in the power of connections, and as a valued member of our Chamber in good standing, you’re at the heart of our vibrant network. Our Member Referral program invites you to share the connections and support —refer other outstanding community businesses to join the Chamber community.

Why refer? Because together, we amplify our collective impact! Your network is our network, and by extending the invitation, you’re not just fostering more connections, you’re fostering prosperity. Every referral is a step towards a more robust, interconnected business community.

It’s more than a referral—it’s a commitment to the shared success of our network and it allows us to continue to build a strong and thriving business community – together!

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Any full member in good standing with the Grimsby Chamber can participate in the Member Referral Program. Referring members can choose to receive a $50 gift card to a member business or a $50 credit towards their next membership renewal invoice, as a thank you for referring a new member that joins the Grimsby Chamber as a direct result of the referral. Members are considered “new” if they have not been a member of the Grimsby Chamber for at least two years.

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