Niagara’s Road to Recovery Fall Series

The Grimsby Chamber of Commerce has partnered once again with our Niagara Chamber Partnership colleagues to launch the Fall continuation of Niagara’s Road to Recovery panel series.

Each Tuesday, beginning on September 28, we are bringing together industry experts and business leaders from across the Region to discuss issues that are top-of-mind for businesses right now.

September 28th: Legal/Human Resources⁠⁠
Panelists discussed legalities around employees returning to work; protocols for working from home; nuances around vaccinated and non-vaccinated employees⁠⁠. Please find the recording here.
October 5th: Healthcare/Mental Health⁠⁠
Panelists discussed the state of public health due to COVID-19; the impact COVID-19 has had on mental health; resources that are currently available⁠⁠. Please find the recording here.
October 19th: Financial⁠⁠
Panelists will discuss what businesses can expect after grants end and loans become due; where our economy is heading.⁠⁠
October 26th: Small Business⁠⁠
3 to 4 small business owners from different sectors will be joining this panel discussion. Panelists will share the challenges and opportunities they are experiencing throughout this difficult time.
November 2nd: Labour Market⁠⁠
Panelists will discuss what is happening in our local labour market; where jobs can be found; how companies are recruiting⁠⁠.
November 9th: Housing Affordability⁠⁠
Panelists will discuss housing in Niagara and some of the strategies that have been implemented to date. The series will close off with comments from Chair Bradley. ⁠⁠

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