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Hello! I'm Anita Coit and I'm a Certified Life Coach for women over 30 years of age. My main focus is to assist women who are struggling with an issue or confusion in their personal or professional life which is holding them back from feeling truly fulfilled.

I help women recognize or reconnect with goals, dreams, worthiness and relationships they may have put aside or even lost while helping others achieve their accomplishments. Women who are tired of playing the same unhelpful record over and over in their head and who are ready to move to a level of true confidence.

I have spent many years in helping professions and bring patience, compassion, nonjudgement and complete confidentiality to each session. As a resident of Beamsville I have had the privilege to meet so many amazing women in our community. They all have a unique story to tell and dreams to live and I would be honoured to assist them in obtaining those.

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Phone: 9055150408

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