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Chimney Top Masonry Inc., in Grimsby, Ontario, exists to serve both commercial and residential property owners in the restoration, repair and rebuilding of masonry.

With more than 75 years of combined experience in the fireplace masonry and chimney construction industry, our office staff, knowledgeable estimators, and experienced masons, offer property owners a highly qualified, affordable and reliable choice.

Our Services Include:
• Chimney Diagnosis and Video Scanning
• Chimney Waterproofing
• Chimney Flashings
• Chimney Tuck Pointing and Rebuilding
• Chimney Flashing Repair
• Chimney Caps
• Crown Repair
• Chimney Sweeping
• Stainless Steel Chimneys
• Relining for Fireplace Inserts
• Flues
• Boilers
• Furnaces and Woodstoves
• Woodstove and Fireplace Inserts and Installation
• Repairing and Rebuilding Fireboxes
• Facings and Hearths
• And More!

When is comes to chimney repairs, we have earned a reputation as being honest advisors, telling property owners what they actually need, rather than trying to sell them unnecessary work. Certified in Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT), and a proud member of the Chimney Safety Association of Canada (CSAC); we offer choices ranging in price and scope of work, so that you can have all the facts and make an informed choice that suits your needs and budget.

No matter what your need, call us for a free quotation and consultation today at 905-945-1695, or visit us on Facebook.


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