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Its all about the power of one.  One caring person such as you, one volunteer, one staff member, one donation… one genuine act of kindness.  But those “ones”, when multiplied by compassion of hundreds of others, are making all the difference in the lives of our neighbours in need of assistance.

Yes, its tough not being able to solve the needs of everyone.  But just because we can’t do it all doesn’t mean we should not do what we can.  Help us today to make an impact on someones life.  We can do so much together when we invest in people – one child, one senior, one family at a time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a very special GBF volunteer Ralph Miller.  Ralph is the reason for the new website for the Grimsby Benevolent Fund.  Many hours have been shared by Ralph in the development of our new site.  This will be a wonderful social media tool for us to share with our community and to ensure that our message and the great work being delivered at our location is available on an on-going basis.  We salute you Ralph for a tremendous job on the site.

We are energized by the talent and commitment of our volunteers. Let us keep up the great work together!

Yours in Partnership,
Stacy Elia
Executive Director


Phone: 905-309-5664


40 Elm Street, Grimsby, ON, Canada L3M 4R7

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