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Knight Archives is a Niagara-based company that specializes in information management for businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and government entities. Knight Archives building is a state of the art, owned not leased, facility. It is unmarked as a 'records storage' centre thus ensuring a layer of security and confidentiality to our clients. The secure facility is alarmed and there are multiple layers of perimeter security. The interior locking systems add greater security. The storage area is separately accessed, self-contained, and fitted with an individual coded thick steel door. The facility has an automatic sprinkler system and is equipped with separate environmental controls.  Knight Archives machine-readable bar-codes ensure our client's privacy; cartons are identified by bar-code only. Knight Archives records storage services provide a secure, cost-effective solution for all types of business records. By freeing up storage space and office staff our clients typically reduce storage costs by 25% to 50% when utilizing our high-density records centre.

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