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NRB isn’t just building off-site. We’re building the future.

Since 1979, NRB has demonstrated industry leadership and created client trust through innovative modular building design and manufacturing. We are dedicated to advancing the position of modular construction through continued research and development, and the application of enhanced building science principles to our off-site construction methodology.

Since 1979, NRB has taken a leadership role in the development of innovative modular building technology, providing a wide range of building solutions to companies in Canada and the United States. From concept to completion, our experienced team of professionals works with you to ensure you receive precisely what you need. With NRB modular construction, you get "Best in Class" buildings and service with the permanence and performance of conventional construction, at competitive prices, faster.


Phone: 905.945.9622 / toll free 800.465.7594


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Phone: 800-465-7594

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