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With over 12 years in the travel industry, I specialize in customizing group travel experiences around the world. With experience in mind, I escort all of my groups as well. My team and I work with clients to help plan unique, one-of-a-kind trips, the kind of travel that is difficult, if not impossible, to book with a couple of clicks on the internet. I am thrilled to have a team of professionals, each specializing in their various areas of passion.

I am also a part of the "Destination Wedding, Honeymoon Specialist Association," ensuring couples of all ages have a special and unique wedding and/or honeymoon experience with great value and creating memories to last a lifetime. Having traveled to over 30 countries and counting, I choose to visit the destinations up close so that my recommendation and expertise comes from living the experience. I continue to lead various groups, caring for the details and often the 'behind-the-scenes' administration to make group tours an amazing success.

Let me show you how easy and stress-free planning your next vacation, or group tour, can be!

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Phone: 905-975-8687

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