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Mrs Greenway is driven by a passion to do better for humankind and for Mother Nature. We are a women-owned, mother-daughter team with a goal of making low-waste lifestyles feel accessible to everyone!

Our products are sourced with you and the planet in mind. We focus on Canadian companies whenever possible and do our best to source items made in North America and Europe. We have a large selection of Earth-friendly items. In our store you will find natural cleaning products, low-waste kitchen supplies, organic baby and children’s clothing, vegan handbags, natural personal care products, and a large selection of healthy food items. Our cooler and freezers contain milk in returnable glass bottles (that’s right, think of the old school milk man), and a large selection of locally made, plant-based food items.

We are most proud of our “refillery.” We have over 45 products available for refill, including shampoos and conditioners, laundry detergents, hand soaps, all purpose cleaners, bath salts, epsom salts, and a variety of other products. Reduce your waste by bringing in your container and having it refilled!

Wanting to reduce your waste, but feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to start your journey? We are happy to help you with this and get you started in the right direction. Remember, even one small change can make a difference!

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